Chris Taylor, the principal of CJT Associates, served for over 30 years with West Mercia Constabulary, retiring in May 2007.

Experience and Qualifications:

He finished his Secondary education in 1973, then attended Walsall Technical College, where he obtained a City & Guilds qualification in Mechanical Engineering.

He joined West Mercia Constabulary in 1977.  From 1984 to 1992 he patrolled Hereford & Worcester and Shropshire in Sub Divisional traffic cars. He transferred to Traffic and Operations Department in 1992, working on the Motorway Unit at Telford Police Station.

In April 1995 he transferred to the Accident Investigation Department (Collision Investigation Unit) at Shrewsbury in a full time role as a Collision Investigator. He was employed in this role for twelve years. During this time he completed over 30 collision investigation/reconstructions per year and assisted in many others.

The main purpose of the Accident Investigation Department (Collision Investigation Unit) was to attend all fatal and potential fatal road traffic collisions within the force area, obtain and preserve evidence, to ascertain their cause and reconstruct the collision sequence if possible.

Consequently,he has attended Coroners, Crown, Magistrates and Civil courts many times and has been accepted, without question, as an expert in this field.

Whilst in this role he was required to be a 'mentor' to newer members of the unit, assist in their development, and check work prior to submission.

As a secondary role Accident Investigation personnel were required to be trained and fully conversant with speed detection equipment and to use the equipment in an enforcement capacity. He was trained and authorised to use all types of speed detection equipment including hand held, road surface and vehicle mounted.


He has completed the following courses and attained qualifications as follows:

He has attended the West Midlands Police Accident Investigation Training School and No. 5 Regional Training School, Wiltshire Constabulary, for standard and advanced courses in Road Traffic Accident Investigation. He has attained a City & Guilds qualification in this subject.

Tachograph chart analysis and Tachograph calibration. He holds a City & Guilds qualification in both subjects.

Instruction in Motor Car and Motor Cycle handling and dynamics courses at Sandwell College with further instruction in seat belts, air bags and supplimentary restraint systems with AS Automotive, Cannock, Staffordshire.

Instruction on tyre examination by Goodyear Tyres Plc. and Michelin Tyres Plc.

Motor Vehicle Examination at Bromsgrove College, Worcestershire, instructed to City & Guilds level.

He was instructed on the use of Weigh Bridges. He was authorised by the Chief Constable to weigh, test and examine motor vehicles.

He received instruction on Monitoring, signing, lighting & guarding of roadworks, and 'Chapter 8' signing and attained a City & Guilds qualification.

He has a BTEC qualification in Computer Aided Draughting and and is proficient in hand prepared scale plans.

He received instruction from 'Siemens VDO' in the download and analysis of 'Incident Data Recorders', and the data contained within, as fitted to motor vehicles, and was awarded a certificate of competence.

He was an authorised operator of speed detection devices including hand held, vehicle mounted and road surface devices and have been awarded certificates of competence in the same.

During his service with West Mercia Constabulary he gained a wide experience of investigating and reconstructing all types of road traffic collisions, and of evaluating evidence submitted on a multitude of traffic offences. Since retirement he has maintained his continual professional development by attaining CPC qualifications in Road Transport Management at both national and international level.







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